Experimental studies have shown that AEW (Acidic Electrolyzed Water) plays a strong role in killing grape virus, and it has instantaneous, broad-spectrum, efficient, safe and non-residual fungicidal properties. The results show that spraying AEW, and spraying alkaline electrolyzed water first and then AEW, can play a good role in controlling the virus damage of grape downy mildew, Botrytis cinerea, anthracnose, grape Alternaria spot, and anthrachose of grape, with foliar control effect of 93.5%, 96.2%, 93.20%, 100% and 87.9%, respectively, and ear control effect of 88%, 92% , 84%, 84% and 72%, respectively. AEW can replace pesticide, and can promote the average grape weight and sugar degree.


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