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Hog breeding enables gain of significant quantities of highly valuable products in a relatively short time period. Apart from the poultry production, production of fatlings practically presents the most intensive branch of animal husbandry. Reproduction process is pretty short, which enables faster turnover of engaged assets. Due to the intensive production process, high investments are required and so the production expenses have very significant role. The most important expense category is the nutrition, and thus the economic results can be influenced by using the alternative ways of nutrition. Employment of different nutrition can help in achieving better production results, thereby directly influencing economic results of the production. Economic analysis is based on the follow-up of production results of the two groups of fatlings, where the experimental group was getting, apart from the standard mixture of the concentrate, the extruded linseed in the form of a preparation Vitalan in the amount 2,5% of the total mixture. The research of the production economic results is based on determining total expenses of the production per production unit. Results that were obtained show measurable differences in production indicators and economic values in comparison with the classical nutrition system.


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