The research of production and economic effects of irrigation to the sugarbeet and sugar growth per hectare was carried out on the carbonate humus of favourable water-physical and chemical characteristics on the location of Rimski Šančevi during the period from 2004 to 2006. The experiment was set according to the method of the Split-plot system being done in four repetitions with the usage of raindrop irrigation. During the experiment there were kept humidity soil treatments from 60 to 65% and the field water capacity (FWC) of 75-80% with a controlling variant being included. The realized profit per hectare during irrigation is 1607 $/ha and it is approximately greater of 17,6% in comparison with the production in the controlling variant. Economy shows that to a unit of invented capital there is realized 1,49 unit of profit during irrigation or more than 4,2% comparing the production without irrigation. Profitability measured from the point of relationship between profit and incomes is 32,8% during irrigation and it is greater of 6,8% than the production in the controlling variant. The productivity indicator tells us that for one produced tone of sugar-beet during irrigation is approximately spent 1,28 hours of total working time or it is produced 0,783 t/working hour of sugar-beet.


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