The development of agriculture with plateau characteristics is a market-oriented strategic choice, made by Yunnan Province, of agricultural economy with regional characteristics, on the basis of resources and location advantages, as well as geographical division of the national economy. The characteristic agribusiness is an important carrier for building a new agricultural management system with plateau characteristics, and also a key way to promote characteristic agricultural industrialization. In this paper, with 26 agribusinesses with plateau characteristics in Yunnan Province as samples, we establish the competitiveness evaluation system for the agribusiness with plateau characteristics, and use the operating data (2012-2014) and AHP to calculate and the sample business competitiveness index and sort these businesses. Finally, we make a comprehensive analysis on the competitiveness of sample agribusinesses with plateau characteristics in Yunnan Province, in order to provide decision-making basis for promotion of the competitiveness of the agribusiness with plateau characteristics.


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