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Due to the interactivity between tourism, on one side, and agricultural complexes on the other, this paper will point out the need to strengthen the efficiency of these endeavours that also make the elements of tourism product, in order for it to be competitive to foreign and national consumers in both quality and price aspect. Hence, tourism of Serbia could become a framework for export strategy expansion due to the advantages that food export brings to tourism. However, this would also mean that the certain measures of economic politics must be applied. That way, economic positioning of both tourism and agricultural complex of Serbia would be strengthened, and thru a multiplication effect of other economic branches comprising a tourism industry aggregate. As one of the possible measures that could help with this, and raise the competitiveness is forming of the agricultural-tourism clusters. To form this kind of cluster, mutually interconnected researches must be done, that would show the wishes and demands of international and national tourism consumers, especially food-wise, as well as the research of marketing strategy and activities regarding the food production as element of tourism product.


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