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The consumer perception of the relation between food and health is increased his importance. This situation generates business opportunities, when his effect is positive (for example "functional food"), or limitations or reductions in the markets (for example "food with risk perception"). This paper trait to present the relation between consumer perception of 1) intrinsic and extrinsic product attributes and 2) the influenced aspects on the label valuation on the product confidence and consumption reduction, in one market with risk perception (beef). The data has been obtained in two European Regions: Friuli-Venezia-Giulia in Italy and Navarra in Spain, differentiated in commercial aspects related fundamentally with the product differentiation. The principal information is based on a home consumer survey designed ad hoc. The structural equation model to multi-group analysis has been the main methodology selected to explain the data. The results showed similarities in different aspects on consumer behaviour independently of the market distance, and the influence of the commercial aspects in the valuations and consumer decisions. So that, the market differentiated (Spain-region) is best protected to the alternative type of scares.


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