In the developed world, the modern buyer is very aware of the backlog of environmental problems and all the consequences for the health and quality of life in general. Therefore, their responsibility, to be sure of eliminating all those who behave environmentally irresponsible. Eco-marketing, as well as conventional marketing, are elements of marketing mix, but extended and adapted to modern conditions. As a logical consequence there is distinct increase in demand for ecological food products (products and services) and support to companies whose activities fit the demands of citizens and legislators, when it comes to ecology. Eco-marketing is slowly cease to be desire, but becomes a need for products that their products are placed on discerning market. Thus, with the standard information on the composition and quality of product, and instructions for use and terms of use, the information appearing on the eligibility of certain eco products. Showing the importance of marketing and Serbian able to place eco products on the market of Europe is the essence of this paper.


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