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Companies often hire consultants because of their external, that is, impartial view and expert opinion, expecting consulting intervention to improve their performances. Beside the need for consulting activities in the fields where the managers’ knowledge is insufficient, consultants can be hired for one-time-only or additional, but very sensitive business activities such as new product introduction, overseas market penetration or aggressive competition struggle. At the same time, the assistance of consultancy organizations can be needed when the company’s management is burdened with other numerous activities, in case of company diversification when the existing, real management capacity does not provide simultaneous optimization of business activities. Consequently, consultancy organizations enable companies to achieve their goals, solve business and management-related problems, identify and exploit new opportunities, improve their knowledge and put into practice the proposed changes. The level of use of consultancy services in serbian agro-sector was researched in these paper, the representation providers of consulting services by type, the future demand for consulting services and financing models for consulting services.


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