This study aims at evaluating the heavy metals pollution in soil collected from Penglai Fairyland Park in Guiyang , and predicting the harm of heavy metals to human health. Based on the background value of soil in Guizhou and the Soil Environment Quality Standard (GB15618-1995) ,by using the geoaccumulation index method and Hakanson potential ecological risk assessment method, we research pollution characteristics and ecological risk of heavy metals in soil from the study area。The results show that from the index of geoaccumulation, the pollution level of heavy metals in agricultural soils from Penglai Fairyland Park is in the order of Ni >Cu>Hg>Cd> As>Zn>Cr> Pb. From the potential ecological harm index evaluation, soil is at slight ecological risk level in the park and the potential ecological hazard degree is in the order of Hg>Cd>Ni>As>Cu>Cr>Pb>Zn. The soil ecological environment in research area is only mildly damaged. Thus, the soil in research area is at the level of security, and it is suitable for cultivation of crops and less harmful to human health.


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