In this paper we provide an analysis of publishing in the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy and attempt, through extensive citation counts, to determine the relative influence and importance of both the journal and the authors who have published in JRAP. Much of this information updates the work of an earlier paper (2001) by David Marcouiller and Steve Deller, who were editors of the journal at the time they wrote. We present tables to show multiple authorship and the affiliations of all authors publishing in the journal since its inception. What is new here is the citation analyses which were made possible by the recently constructed web-site “Google Scholar”. Using this website we were able to determine which were the most cited papers in JRAP and also to list the journals and books from which the citations to the most cited papers came. We found that, while JRAP is not heavily cited, there were more than 260 sources of citations to those papers in the journal that were cited 25 or more times. We also computed total citations to the bodies of work by authors of multiple JRAP articles, with sev-eral having 3,000 or more and three having more than 6,000. Our conclusion is that JRAP has had a considerable influence on regional science, primarily through the importance of bodies of work of those who have published in the journal. Finally, as Marcouiller and Deller noted in their 2001 paper, there is still a need to encourage highly influential regional scientists to participate in the various activities of the MCRSA and to submit papers to JRAP.


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