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In order to explore the fresh-keeping methods for zander fillet, we use vacuum packaging and partial freezing to process zander fillet, conduct a comparative analysis of sensory characteristics, percentage of water loss, stiffness period, muscle stiffness, TVB-N and water activity during the storage, and assess the fresh-keeping effect of zander fillet under the conditions of vacuum packaging and partial freezing. The results show that zander can be dead after being placed into the 2℃ water for 30 min, and the stiffness period can be extended about 100 min compared with natural death; the percentage of water loss under the conditions of vacuum packaging before partial freezing is 2.6% lower than under the conditions of partial freezing before vacuum packaging; after being stored at -7℃ and -4℃ for 15 days, TVB-N of fillet ≤15 mg/kg; TVB-N of fillet at -7℃ is 25% lower than at -4℃.


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