The evaluation and forecasting of the performance of the Unions of Rural Cooperatives (URC) can be performed through the use of various types of financial ratios, such as ratios of efficiency, reliability and management. A computer decision support system (DSS) was designed and implemented for this purpose. The system evaluates and ranks the URC by applying principles of multicriteria analysis. Assigning various weights to the financial ratios enacts different scenarios. Actually each scenario calls for a different type of evaluation. The types of evaluation are determined by a variety of performance indicators. Actual financial data concerning the URC of north Greece for the last ten years was used as input to the DSS. The DSS applies fuzzy logic in order to forecast the future performance of each URC. The application of the system with original financial URC data and the use of a fuzzy forecasting method constitute the original contribution of the paper. The paper can be used in any country of the world without any revisions.


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