The Bahamas has depended on the dominance of one traditional sector, tourism combined with the lack of economic innovation and the inability to maintain domestic demand for food security. The connection between the local farming community and the hospitality industry has been identified as one of the best opportunities to ease the over reliance on foreign agricultural products. Additionally, this connection can provide innovation and address aspects of food security, such as stability and availability. Previous research has indicated that agri-tourism is one way to reduce dependence on foreign imports. This research seeks to determine if agri-tourism has the potential to assist with food security. This study is based on data from tourist’s surveys, who indicated they would like to do agri-tourism activities and interviews with persons in the agricultural sector. The investigation observed that barriers to food security were found on the supply side, coupled with issues of government support and lack of policies. While agri-tourism seemed to be touted as a benefit for agricultural production and food security, respondents indicated that without government support there would only be limited success. This research indicates a direct correlation between the potential to increase food security in the Bahamas by leveraging agritourism.


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