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The historical past of well known typically Hungarian food products (Hungaricums), the circumstances of their originating, their geographical environment, the local manufacturing culture. Particularities of processing on domestic, artisan's and factory level of these historically developed products. The geographical, social, technological circumstances and reasons of developing and co-existence of these three levels. The presence of these three levels beside each other and their transformation into each other. An investigation of factory level processing of foods originally produced on domestic and on artisan's level, questions of technological transformation into a higher engineering degree. Influence of food specialities' processing on the development of a given region (economical, social effects). Role of marketing special foods, characteristic for given provinces, regions in the rural development, taking into consideration the tourism and selling at the farm's door. Role of the government, principles and instruments of exerting influence, their limits. Setting up a collective agricultural marketing organisation, its goals, its activity, its consequences. The export supporting activity of this collective marketing organisation. Licensing of production and marketing of food products according Hungarian Jaws, the licensing authorities. Registration of food specialities, their differentiation (trade-mark, brand, quality sign, description of origin). Typical possibilities of making known a special food. Export possibilities of Hungarlcums, their traditional export markets.


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