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"PDQ and PG/ labels are becoming increasingly important in the European market of food and quality products. The" "purpose of this paper is to analyse under what conditions these labels are successful in the market place, how they function and how they can help farmers to increase the social well being of rural areas. The discussion is presented in the context of the fresh meat product ""Veal from Galicia"". The main conclusion of this paper is that only those PG/ or PDQ products that carry on a premium generated by the presence of the label are able to fully achieve their rural development goals. Willingness to pay a premium for the label may be caused by both a desire for quality products and/ or a desire for support the local economy. Marketing strategies that may help PGI/PDQ policies to increase the rural development and social well being of their communities include strict quality selection of the labelled products, promotion and awareness of their highest quality levels or brands, and a strong identification with the local economy."


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