Leader has a crucial role in the process оf knowledge management. In order to be successful, leader has to possess qualities and skills that create the conditions for creating, sharing and use of knowledge in organizations. However, apart from the creation, transfer and use of knowledge, it is essential that it promotes and creates new knowledge that will contribute to creating value for the organization. The aim of this work is to point out the necessity of knowledge management, and to suggest the styles of leadership at various stages of knowledge management. The research is of theoretical nature and method of analysis will be used. In this paper we will firstly describe leadership styles. Then we will expose phase of the process of knowledge management. Finally, we describe the role of the leader in the individual stages of the process of knowledge management. By analyzing the styles of leadership and phases of knowledge management process, we have found that the roles and tasks of leaders differ in the stages. Therefore, it is necessary to apply different leadership styles. According to this, different stages of the process of knowledge imply different styles of leadership.


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