Using social network analysis method, this paper made an empirical study on growth of evil forces in land requisition and relocation in City G of Hubei Province. It obtained following results: (i) lawless developers and inefficient public security organs form interested parties of evil forces. Besides, the inward closeness centrality of evil forces is high, manifesting that evil forces independently possess decentralized power of network and have unscrupulous behavior in land requisition and relocation to a certain extent. (ii) Activities of evil forces have complicated spatial correlation and their geographical distribution is uneven, taking on irregular characteristics. In the field of land requisition and relocation, some evil forces are expanding and spreading, while other forces are relatively weak. In conclusion, growth of evil forces comes from premeditation and collaboration of lawless developers, lack of functions and weak attack of public security organs; growth of evil forces has periodic changes, when in power, they will take opportunity to expand, while losing power, they will hide or even disappear.


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