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In this paper, the user interface of tractor cab real-time information management system was designed. Based on the principle of “user friendly”, it reasonably arranged spatial position of information management system according to spatial distribution of tractor cab. Then, it analyzed operation habits and thinking ways of drivers, and formulated design principle meeting demands of drivers. Besides, it used LabView software to design user interface, including interface layout and interface design. User interface includes basic information interface, job information interface, camera monitoring interface, and fault diagnosis interface. Finally, it made evaluation of the user interface from color, indicator lamp, dial, and pointer. Results indicate that the designed user interface layout conforms to cognition mentality and operation habits and easy to get familiar and grasp; graphical interface is vivid and easy to stimulate pleasure of drivers in operation; interface color matching is coordinated; the layout of controls is hierarchical and logic, and operating mode is consistent with Windows system.


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