The floricultural activity performed in Ejido Raymundo Enriquez producers is characterized by the problem of a limited marketing channels, the activity performed is empirically no legal or financial control are observed and there is no evidence that promotes targeted training. These elements prevent financial convenience visualize and diagnose the level of development as a producer organization. This research aims to determine the markets factors influencing the production and sale of exotic flowers: red aloha, aloha pink and red iris, harvested in the Ejido Raymundo Enriquez in Tapachula, Chiapas. The case study method was employed. The research design corresponded to a qualitative approach to a non- transactional and experimental design; likewise, attempting to relate the findings set about a descriptive study, using the technique of observation. Also the interview and survey techniques were applied. The market factors: competitiveness and consumer behavior with respect to demand and supply factors are material resources and distribution channels. With respect to the designation of origin, it is necessary to locate the corresponding record and recognize the quality of exotic flowers. It is important that the workforce count on training to be efficient in their production processes and irrigation seek alternatives that are less expensive for producers.


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