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Huacle Chili, is representative of the State of Oaxaca by its use as a key ingredient in the development of the typical Oaxacan black mole, is grown in the region of Cañada where soil and climatic conditions are conducive for the excellent quality of fruits and good yields. Given the need to supply a growing demand by the restaurant industry and meet the profitability as well as the potential impacts of their production on one larger scale, was conducted this investigation in order to determine the profitability of the activity and to quantify the economic impact that could be achieved through production to supply the local demand in the first instance. We selected representative of the region producers and field information was collected through informal interviews, complemented with tours and technical monitoring in their plots during a production cycle. The costs of production (working capital) were quantified and total revenues to then calculate the relationship beneficial cost (RBC) average and the rate of return, estimated the economic impacts on the value of production and employment to meet the local demand in the first instance. The results obtained indicate that the crop is highly profitable, rate of profitability of 194 % and impact potential of 125 million pesos in the Cañada region, Oaxaca State.


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