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In this paper an output distance function framework is exploited to analyse the agricultural Polish technology and output mix adjustments due to transition. In order to overcome the limited available data the output distance function is estimated by Generalized Maximum Entropy (GME) for the 1991-2001 time period. Besides the sample data, the estimation procedure exploits prior information e.g. several regularity conditions and a ‘weak revenue maximization’ assumption. We find that after transition the implicit share of milk and beef and veal output declines over time whereas cereals output and potatoes and rapeseeds and sugar beets output increases. Our estimates suggest a clear complementarity relationship between chicken and pig meats output and cereals output. The EU accession resulted in a relative increase of cow milk/beef and veal meats output over chicken and pig meats output, and in a relative increase of cereals output over potatoes, rapeseeds and sugar beets output.


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