Sustainability, as a specific inter- or even transdisciplinary “metacat-egory”, refers also to monetary processes. So far, a financial approach of sustainability of farms has not been explored. The aim of this paper was to highlight some theoretical and methodological issues related to a financial dimension of sustainability of farms. The research objectives were as fol-lows: (1) to link achievements in the area with theoretical and methodological apparatus for sustainable growth (in financial terms) of farms to concepts of sustainability, (2) to identify associations between the sustainable growth and selected agricultural farm management problems and agrarian policy. Relying on agricultural income category (including net farm income), excluding the farm’s financial situation, leads to a significant simplification that may deform an analytical framework for sustainability. The terms “sustainable growth”, “sustainable growth rate”, “sustainable intensification” may extend the current framework for analysing the sustainability of farms, as well as be a prerequisite for constructing/improving instruments that may support farm management, or monitoring and evaluation of the effects of agricultural policy.


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