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With the passing of the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010, 10,000 new regulatory restrictions under Title 12 have been imposed on banks. This increase in regulation represents a great burden on financial institutions as it restricts avenues of revenue and causes an increase in compliance costs. While much attention has been paid to the Dodd-Frank Act, no empirical evidence exists to show the impact it has had on financial institutions and their profitability. Even though the Dodd-Frank Act targeted larger financial institutions, small banks, being defined as a bank with less than $250 million in total assets, are still regulated. With small community banks being a large provider of agricultural credit for farmers, the agricultural credit market relies heavily on small community banks being able to provide lending services to keep farmers in operation. This study examines the impact on profitability of small community banks and how that affects the availability of credit for the agricultural industry.


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