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Administrative and transaction-related costs have a long-established position in economic sciences, including agricultural economics. Unfortunately, so far economists have not created a uniform methodology for defining, classifying, and measuring them. The direction that perhaps should be considered most promising when seeking advancements in this field is the Standard Cost Model (SCM) and its derivatives (e.g. ACM). However, it needs to be supplemented with tools from the area of new public management that is Public Value, CAF, or the ISO 9001 standards. As regards financial interventionism, administrative and transaction- -related costs first made their appearance in the area of credit subsidies. It was much later that the research focused on the evaluation of the overall “tool kit” of financial and budgetary policy in agriculture. It has been conducted, however, on the basis of different methodologies which hampers the comparison of the produced results. Also, the test samples were often too small to be used in the more advanced quantitative analyses.


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