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During the past three years, the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has made an effort to address, quantify, and adjust for an undercount in the number of farms indication from its annual June Area Survey (JAS), which is based on an area frame. This undercount is a direct result of the misclassification of agricultural tracts as non-agricultural. The 2007 Census of Agriculture mailing list (CML) was evaluated as a potential source to assess misclassification on the 2007 JAS. The CML was found to be a rich source from which to quantify the undercount of farms on the JAS. However, the CML is only available every five years, and misclassification on the JAS should be assessed each year. Independently of the area frame, NASS maintains a list of agricultural operators, referred to as the list frame. Yearly list-based samples are selected from the list frame. In addition, the list frame serves as the foundation for building the CML. The list frame is updated on an on-going basis and operators are categorized as either active or inactive. Although the CML includes all active records, some of these do not qualify as farming operations. This research report explores the potential of using the list frame on a yearly basis to assess the misclassification of farms on the JAS.


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