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As trade agreements lower tariff rates throughout the world, other barriers to trade emerge. These non-tariff barriers can be just as troublesome for exporting companies. Non-tariff barriers include technical measures, customs rules and procedures, transport regulations or costs, lack of knowledge of regional markets, and import policies. The objective of this study is to identify non-tariff barriers faced by U.S., and more specifically North Dakota, exporting businesses, especially those involved in agriculture, and to identify difficulties involved in exporting products. A survey of North Dakota businesses is conducted to identify important trade barriers. Phytosanitary regulations and railroad problems are two frustrating issues that create barriers to export for North Dakota agribusinesses. Other non-tariff barriers mentioned in the survey include labeling, paperwork, registration, and language differences. When entering new markets, the biggest problems exporters have are making contacts, resolving credit issues, and competing with low-cost competitors from foreign countries.


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