A method of obtaining optimal investment strategies for shrimp fishermen is developed and illustrated in this report. The method is designed to enable a shrimp fisherman having a given amount of physical and money capital to obtain guidelines for investment and financial decision-making. The basis for the method is a deterministic optimal control model of a shrimp fishing firm. This model is derived and explained. Then the parameter values and initial state values which characterize the environment in which the shrimp fishing firm is assumed to be operating are defined and discussed. Once the model has been completely delineated by specifying the parameter values and initital state values, the determination of an optimal investment strategy becomes a mathematical programming problem which can be solved by any of the commercial mixed integer programming computer programs. Three numberical examples are presented and discussed. The method may be used to obtain guidelines for the shrimp fishing industry in general or an individual firm. The computer costs to an individual seeking guidelines for his specific environment and initital asset position should generally be less than $25 per year.


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