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The aim of an elaboration was to show the issue of the image of the bank in the aspect of the perception by the clients of these institutions. The main attention was returned to theoretical aspects of this issue with the vetting of the hypothesis on the verification of the hypothesis that is positive bank’s image is consequent on the quality of the banking service and the professionalism of employees, excluding elements visual, creating the image of the bank among others. In elaboration justified, that the image of the bank was identical with the image of this institution in the awareness of customers, having a contact with it in the indirect or direct way. It is also the most desired factor of the competitive edge, mainly due to character singling out, unique and long-lasting. However important factors having an influence to the positive way of noticing the bank by customers, in it among others were shown in empirical examinations confidence level to the bank and elements visual, as well as the scope and the quality of offered banking facilities.


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