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The objective of the study was to assess the on-farm production profitability of seeds for sowing in 2012- 2014. Empirical data was obtained from the owner of an agricultural holding who cooperates with Strzelce Plant Breeding as a long-term contractor. The highest marketable grain yield of winter triticale was obtained in 2012. Per 1 ha production value varied in individual study years and ranged from 6002.0 do 10649.6 PLN. The variation in income in individual study years depended on yield level as well as changing prices of certified seeds for sowing. The economic effectiveness of winter triticale cultivated to obtain certified seeds for sowing was affected by direct costs. Plant protection agents and fertiliser costs constituted the greatest share of the costs incurred on winter triticale production. The highest profitability of production of certified seeds for sowing was obtained in 2012, it being the lowest in 2014.


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