Analysis of the volume of outlays and effectiveness of the production factors– land, labour and fixed assets depending on the volume of surface area changes of farms constitutes the basic purpose of this article. The selection of farms for the studies was purposeful, the farms covered by the studies had to fulfil two criteria simultaneously, that is to make use of soft loans and to run uninterruptedly the FADN accountancy in the years 2004-2011. In the former Bydgoszcz Province there were 156 farms fulfilling these criteria. From the conducted studies it results, that both the volume of land, labour and fixed assets’ outlays as well as effectiveness of farms depended on the volume of the surface area’s changes. Farms which have increased their area as compared to farms which have not changed their area, has smaller land and labour outlays per unit of production. Also the economical results were considerably higher at these farms. In the years 2004-2011 the highest income’s increase was at farms in which the increase of area was the highest (group VI). The most profitable income situation of farms which have increased their area to the highest degree, is the result of both the increase of the scale of production as well as the improvement of production factors’ effectiveness.


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