The purpose of the study was to present the advisory opportunities in the process of linking research and the needs of farmers, with regard to innovative knowledge. In this process the advisory role was shown through the transfer of knowledge involving environmentally friendly practices from research and experiments conducted on demonstration farms. The research material were raw and existing data, gathered through appropriate questionnaires using the method of in-depth interviews and survey method. The descriptive case presents an example of good practice in agricultural extension and advisory services, operating within a created network of cooperation. The network approach is characterised by various formal and informal connections between network participants and the interactions among them. The linkages and interactions between the network participants concern conducting research, designing and implementing solutions and tools, providing advice, and the dissemination of knowledge and innovation. Demonstration farms represent the highest level of agricultural production and are the place of performance of seminars, lectures, demonstrations and shows in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from science to practice.


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