The aim of the study was to determine the influence of selected factors on the usage efficiency of subsidies by family farms participating in support programs of the European Union. In the years 2004-2009, 70 farms from the Biłgoraj County were studied, they were divided into groups according to: the amount of subsidy, the area of arable land, their economic size, and business income. The following measures were used: employment, stocking density, intensity of organization of production, business income and family income. Farms with intensive organization of production received subsidies of up to five times more than extensive ones. Efficiency of business income increased with an increase in the selected criteria, with the highest in farms of an area over 70 ha AL and ESU over 40. Multiple linear regression confirms that the usage efficiency of EU subsidies for technical modernization depends on the farm area and its economic size and the rational application and use of farming technology in a given production process.


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