The aim of the study was to compare the resources of production factors, the relationship between them and their effectiveness in farms of various economic size. Also, the intensity and the costs of production and the share of the balance of subsidies and taxes on income from the family farm were analyzed. Everything was based on information from the years 2010-2013 collected by the FADN. In years 2010-2013 the bigger the farm, it was characterized by higher productivity of land, labor and capital (with the exception of economically very large farms, in which the productivity of land and labor were lower than in large farms). With the increase of economic size profitability of the grounds increased (but economically large farms were slightly lower than the average large, the lowest – in very large) and the profitability of assets (the exception were very large farmswhere it was the lowest). Income higher than the average net wage in the national economy gained farms who earned more than 25 thousand euro SO, the highest were in very large farms. High profitability of farm labor of very large farms was the result of an unjustified, more than 115%, of the balance current subsidies and taxes to farm net income. On the farms of the other economic size classes – the larger economically the farm was, the less characterized by the participation of the balance current subsidies and taxes to farm net income.


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