The objective of study was to determine changes in Poland’s position in the global production of raspberries and determining the changes in the harvest and raspberry acreage in the years 2003-2012. The study determined the volume of production (in thous. tons) and acreage (in thous. ha) for the global, European and Polish raspberries. In addition, five countries were selected to grow raspberries leading in the above study period. The analysis showed that the Polish gradually strengthening its position as the biggest producer of raspberries in Europe and second in the world. In 2012, the Polish participation in the European and world production of raspberries was respectively 28% and 21.2%. Raspberry acreage increased from 13.3 thousand. ha to 28.4 thousand. ha while increasing production of 42.9 thousand. tons to 127.1 thousand. tons


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