Crecimiento de los camarones Litopenaeus vannamei en etapa de juveniles en dos sistema de alimentación: 1.- Dieta comercial combinada con melaza y 2.- Dieta comercial mezclada con semolina y melaza

In the commercial food shrimp farming accounts for 60% of the production cost with this investigation pretended to get an alternative to reduce production costs with the implementation of a food supplement based on dietary ration of 80% commercial feed and 20% combination of semolina and molasses. This research aims to determine the growth of the shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei juvenile stage two experimental system of commercial power. This study was carried out in the facilities of the Laboratory of Marine Research and Aquaculture (LIMA) in the UNAN-LEON. 6 plastic containers used in the experiment, we planted 12 agencies (repetition) using the commercial diet and the other battery with the same number of organizations gave the experimental diet. With respect to physical-chemical factors, temperature and pH were maintained at their optimal values, growth in the experimental system was 9.33 g and 7.45 g trading system, obtaining a value of p> 0.05 , which indicates that there is significant difference between the two treatments, with a survival of 100% in the two systems. The yield in the experimental system was 4,600 lb / ha and 3,600 trading system was Lb / ha.

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Growth of shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei juvenile stage two power system: 1. commercial diet combined with molasses and commercial Diet 2. semolina and mixed with molasse
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Jul 31 2015
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Journal Article
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UNIVERSITAS (LEÓN) Revista Científica de la UNAN-León Vol. 6 (1) Julio 2015 (Other)
pp 121-130 ISSN electrónico 2311-6072 ISSN impreso 2071-257X (Other)
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Universitas (León). Revista Científica de la UNAN-León. Vicerrectoria de Investigación, Postgrados y Proyección Social, 06, 1
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Vol 6 (1) 2015 pp 112-120

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