Objective. To determine the effect of Biofloc in growth of youth white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in experimental conditions - Commercial diet with Biofloc vs. commercial diet without Biofloc in semi-intensive system production. Materials and Methods. To determine which treatment had a higher growth takes physical-chemical factors (dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity and pH) and population parameters (Accumulated Growth, Rate of Growth, Growth Rate, Conversion Factor Nutritionally, Survival and Production Performance ).These data were collected in 27 days where youth shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei had a starting weight of 1.5 gr, in both treatments. Results. According to the results of the following occurs - treatment with Biofloc acquired a final growth of 5.3 gr, obtaining averaged 3.8 gr change without Biofloc treatment reached a final growth of 4.6 gr obtaining averaged 3.1 gr .Conclusion. Treatment with higher biomass Biofloc won complement protein Biofloc in the commercial diet, whereas the treatment without Biofloc won little biomass as these only had protein commercial feed; by employing the statistical analysis showed that p> 0.05 reasoned that the Biofloc growth is higher when it is added in the feed.


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