This study analyzes the behavior of the agricultural land price in the municipalities of Paraná State over the period 1999-2011. After literature review of the main studies of this field, the determinants of land price and methodology to be used were identified. For this purpose, we estimate the empirical model for price of agricultural land through spatial data panel. The results show that main statistically significant variables to explain the price of agricultural land in Paraná State are the gross value of agricultural production, asset valuation, total financing in agriculture, ratio municipal investment-deterincome, percentage of planted soybeans in the municipality and the incorporation of spatial dependence on land prices. These variables can explain around 84% of the prices and indicate that the data presented great intrapanel fit, and the spatial effects would be more intense in the municipality itself and in relation to the whole. The proposed model, specially, advanced in structural terms, by incorporating data from all 399 municipalities in Paraná. Empirically, the study advanced by estimating through panel data and considering the influence of spatial effects on the agricultural land price, highlighting the importance of the location and neighborhood in the price determination.


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