The study examined price variation in the marketing of garri in Delta State Nigeria. A multi-stage sampling procedure was used in drawing up a sample of 180 garri marketers from six purposively selected major garri markets each from six purposively selected Local government areas. Data collected with the aid of questionnaire were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The results revealed that majority of the marketers were females that are still in their economically active age group and relatively literate. Majority of the marketers were middlemen who sold mostly to their fellow middlemen. Most of the respondents agreed that marketing cost is the major cause of price variation in garri market while season of the year was the most notable problem facing garri marketers in the study area. Also, the result of Analysis of Variance revealed that there were significant differences in garri prices among the six markets. It was concluded that in order to stabilize price of garri and income of garri marketers, in order to ensure sustainable food security in Delta State, measures should be taken to provide adequate transportation and establish storage facilities. This will invariably cut down marketing costs.


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