Tomato price is an important indicator for farmers to continue producing the crop in Ghana. There are sometimes alleged reports that farmers tend to commit suicide when they are unable to meet their expected tomato price and thereby unable to recover their cost of production. However, data available indicate that the domestic production of fresh tomato is on the decline. The paper therefore, assesses the factors that affect whether or not farmers can receive their expected tomato price. A multistaged sample survey of 215 farmers across three regions was subjected to the binomial probit model. Results indicate that for farmers to receive their expected price, they have to adapt to produce the crop in the drier seasons, where tomato shortage can be observed. Farmer education and experience are also important factors that are likely to help farmers receive their expected tomato price. The studytherefore recommends the promotion of strategies that are cost reducing especially in the dry season and also to improve access to critical production techniques.


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