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Honeywater or aguamiel (Agave sap) has been consumed by Mexican population since pre-columbian times. Although, it has been claimed by folk belief that aguamiel possesses some medicinal properties, scientific studies on its effect on human health have not been well documented. The behavior of blood components in nine volunteers (two young males, three adult females and four adult males) after aguamiel consumption (250 mL every three days during a period of 35 days) was analyzed. It was found that, serum red blood cell count, serum white blood cell count, platelet count, minerals (Zn, Mg and Fe) and iron-related proteins (ferritin and transferrin) levels were not negatively affected because of all of these blood indicators ranged within normal reference values. However, this study showed that aguamiel presented a specific functional effect since hypercholesterolemic adult males showed normal levels of serum total cholesterol after aguamiel consumption, whereas total cholesterol levels were kept in normal ranges after aguamiel consumption for normocholesterolemic subjects. Furthermore, aguamiel consumption did not cause hyperglycemia in any of the tested groups.


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