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With the announcement of the 2014 Farm Bill, agricultural producers were faced with many changes in the various programs available to agricultural producers through various government agencies. When these programs opened for enrollment, producers faced complex decisions regarding which of the program combinations would best suit their operational needs. One of the decisions faced by producers was the selection of crop insurance type and coverage level. The objective of this research is to evaluate what factors influenced producer’s crop insurance program decisions after the introduction of new government crop insurance programs and other provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill. By comparing current crop insurance protection types and the selected coverage levels against previous reports, the results will show the change caused by the introduction of the government programs. Using enrollment numbers from both the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and the Risk Management Agency (RMA) programs the influence that the 2014 Farm Bill commodity program choices had on producer’s crop insurance election choices will be determined. Other crop insurance decision factors examined include geographic location, and primary crops produced. The findings of the research provide further insight regarding what factors drive producer crop insurance decisions.


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