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This study sought to analyze the competitiveness between the farmers markets, describe the legal requirements that farmers must adhere to participate in a farmers market, investigate whether new markets could be started, and identify policies that promote competition among farmers. This study uses data collected from 46 farmers’ market vendors and managers through in-person, online, and mail surveys in the Western Kentucky area. Respondents believe that farmers’ market regulations are less restrictive and are enforced fairly. They feel like they face relatively low competition for there are either just enough or few farmers markets in their area, suggesting that more markets could be opened successfully in the area. Most respondents think that community members are less informed of farmers’ markets (location, produce availability, prices, and operating hours). They believe that their markets could be improved if there was a way to ensure that markets were better known. Community leaders and policy makers should create and support programs that promote and increase awareness of farmers markets (perfect information for both buyers and sellers). Since famers’ market regulations are less restrictive, new entry by local farmers could improve market competitiveness. Market managers and vendors should improve their marketing strategies through newspapers, radio, billboards and/or any other advertising channels to increase awareness. Specific locations for new farmers markets should be identified and support to create new farmers’ markets or expand/strengthen the existing ones could increase opportunities to serve more consumers and promote the competition among markets’ markets and vendors in the area.


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