Existing literature on locally grown food systems is extensive and spread. Navigating it can be tedious. This study uses an exploratory research approach to identify common findings and recommendations, and propose priorities, key variables, and relationships for future studies. Findings show that local food marketing through farmers’ markets and Community Supported Agriculture and the benefits of local food systems to local economies (found to be an on-going debate) dominate the literature heavily. Prior studies commonly reported enthusiasm for locally grown fresh produce, but present diverging results about significant consumer characteristics. Studies regarding marketing decisions among food growers/marketers, local foods supply chains, online markets for local food products, and the use of marketing mix tool are relatively limited. This study is helpful to researchers by directing their activities towards addressing major gaps. In addition, this study facilitates growers/marketers—especially those who are interested in implementing research-based recommendations—by providing a complied one-stop point of information. Likewise, stakeholders including community-based organizations and policy makers will find this study beneficial to their involvement in the industry.


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