This study documents and evaluates the economic losses due to cogongrass infestation to non-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners in the state of Florida. The analysis is based on information collected through a mail survey that was widely distributed among NIPF landowners in Florida reaching a final sample of 1,060 landowners. The survey revealed that nearly 30% of respondents believed that cogongrass was present in their property. In addition, close to 41% of respondents indicated that cogongrass has reduced the recruitment and/or growth of trees in woodlands, and 54% of woodland owners responded that cogongrass has increased the hazard for wildfire in the area of infestation. Data on direct costs associated with chemical or physical control of cogongrass were also collected. An economic input/output analysis revealed that cogongrass control costs resulted in economic losses throughout Florida of $29 million to the forestry industry and related business sectors.


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