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Neoliberalism, applied to the Mexican economy since 1983, involved changes in the productive structure of the agriculture and cattle sector such as more trade openness and changes to Article 27 of the Constitution, in order to promote farm productivity and improve living conditions of the rural population. The aim of this study was to analyze the reform to Article 27 of the Constitution and its impact on the organization and the rights of property rights of the ejidal land, and in the production structure of the agriculture and cattle sector. The holder of the ejidal land is released from legal and social restrictions that prevented land transactions. The share of Agriculture and Cattle Gross Domestic Product (ACGDP) in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) change from 12.18% in 1970 to 4.39% in 2012, the ACGDP decreased -2.9% annual average in the period 1993-2000, and -7.2% in 2009.


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