The purpose of this study was to estimate the impact of the major factors affecting the export demand for U.S. pecans in Asia and the E.U. which together import about 27% of U.S. pecan exports. The primary objective was to estimate the impacts of federal promotion programs on the foreign demand for U.S. pecans. Based on previous literature, a single- equation framework was specified for estimation of the pecan model. Based on promotion elasticities, impacts on pecan export revenue from promotion were evaluated. The returns per dollar of promotion expenditure for pecans were $6.45 for Asia and $6.75 for the E.U. Further, some spillover benefits for pecan exports were detected from almond export promotion in Asia and walnut export promotion in the E.U. It appears that the U.S. pecan industry can benefit substantially from increased export promotion in both Asia and the E.U.


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