There are many factors for influencing Agricultural enterprises efficiency, one of them is consulting (extension) service. In this article described and analyzed organizing ways of consulting service, its role, importance and ways of improving in Agriculture. Research provided through questionnaire and participations was 100 Agricultural enterprises. Farming - a new form of agricultural activity in Uzbekistan for the 21st century. Uzbek government always pays attention to the developing of farms and this gave already own results. Today the farmers play a significant role in agricultural production in Uzbekistan. Farms produced 3400 thousand tons of raw cotton1, and 8050 tons of grain2 in 2014. Although the results significantly, but scientific research shows these figures should be even more. Tests revealed that the head of farms were representatives of different professions. This was the reason for the initial stage of farms decreases the efficiency in production. In many countries that developed agricultural production found an original solution for this problem: consulting service for agricultural enterprises.


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