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Either the Plantation Machines or the laser leveling of soils is new technology that has introduced to Egyptian agriculture within last few years. They have not, extensively, expanded till now, particularly among private enterprisers. This study considered, through a field survey from Kafrt Al Shaikh the estimation of the economic feasibility of investment in such machines and the factors that may affect their profitability and feasibility, as incentives for private sector to invest in such enterprises. to secure a satisfactory competitive supply in the future. The study-used the budgeting methodology, either as an income statement or as investment analysis cash flow statement. The models were applied under current and shadow price of fuel and Oil prices. These machines are not automobile. They are pulled by tractors. The most important results showed that, to achieve resemble profit and feasible return to investment from the seed-drill machine, even at shadow price of fuel and oil. the operating hours should be not lest than 280 hours per year and the met price should be at least L.E. 20 per hour, associated with efficient operating of the tractor to minimize the eons per hour. With respect to the planter, The feasible investment and reasonable profitability require annual operating period nor less than 230 hours at rent price L.E. 30 per hour, and also associated with efficient operation of the tractor to minimize the costs. The laser landlevlling system enterprise achieves a feasible and profitable level, at the current norms of operating period and rent price (LE. 120-150 per hour), even at shadow price of fuel and oil prices. However, the current obstacles that its application is almost restricted within sugar cane area, which is decreasing for sugar beat expansion and needs such operation each successive four years. Also, the total investment in such system M very high. i.e. about L.E. 334000 per set. The custom tariffs should be lowered or exempt fin such nonconventional machines.


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