he Agricultural Production Cooperatives (APC) have been consolidated in the economic and social scenario of its specific characteristic of joining the economic development and social well-being of group members. Given this specificity, how cooperatives can be helped to identify in which activities they should invest efforts? In the business area, the Performance Evaluation (PE) provides inputs. Thus, this article aims to build, in the researchers, the knowledge regarding Performance Evaluation of Agricultural Production Cooperatives and make it explicit by identifying a Portfolio Library that represents itself and by mapping its features. Such research is characterized as exploratory-descriptive and adopts the instrument Knowledge Development Process – Construtivist (Proknow-C). As a result, it was found that the subject is represented by 14 papers, where the majority has been published in journals related to the main subject of this research (Agricultural and Cooperatives), “Environmental management and firm performance : a case study” is the most relevant article and an author with research history in this subject does not exist. As a general conclusion, it was found that most of the articles adopt a theoretical affiliation PE informed under a realistic approach. The authors suggest the adoption of a constructivist perspective for further research in this area.


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