Valldal is a small township and valley in the picturesque fjord district of western Norway. The case concerns the current management of Valldal Grønt, a small farmer-owned cooperative recovering from a harsh winter that destroyed much of the strawberry production it depends on for its livelihood. Although Valldal Grønt has successfully branded its products, in these times of diminishing production and profitability, the brand equity is under siege. Farmers now seek a leaner organization. Simultaneously, pricing issues are subject to scrutiny and souring business relationships with customers. Valldal Grønt continues to use information technology to better coordinate the supply chain with the daily variations in supply and fluctuating demand. The case illustrates how branding is embedded in an end-to-end supply network and its natural environment. This case is intended for students following courses in supply chain management (SCM) & logistics, operations management and industrial marketing.


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